MELT Certified

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Starting July 1, 2017 if you want a Class A (commercial truck) driver’s license you will need to complete mandatory training before taking your road test.

About the training

Mandatory entry-level training will include at least 103.5 hours of instruction and cover the entry-level knowledge and skills needed to safely operate a large truck on Ontario’s roads.

Once you’ve completed the training, your driving record will be updated automatically.

If you meet all the other Class A requirements you can take a Class A road test at a DriveTest centre.

The training will be valid for life.

Who must get training

You must complete mandatory entry-level training before taking a road test if you:

  • take your Class A road test after July 1, this includes applicants who:
    • failed a road test and plan to re-take the test after July 1
    • booked a road test before July 1, but the actual test is scheduled for after July 1
  • have a restricted Class A (AR) licence and want to upgrade to a full Class A
  • had a full Class A licence, but it is invalid (e.g. expired, downgraded, suspended) for three or more years
  • have a commercial driver’s licence from another country
  • have had a Class 1 commercial licence(Class A equivalent) from a Canadian province other than Ontario for less than 12 months
    • if you had it for 12-24 months, you will have the option to complete mandatory entry-level training or the Class A knowledge and road test

You do not have to take the training if you already hold a valid full Class A licence.